Free Home Loan Health Check

If you do not service your home loan regularly in the same way you service your car you could be missing out on thousands of dollars of savings.

By doing your research on what other offers exist, it could save you thousands of dollars to enjoy later in life, or at the very least, offer you peace of mind that your existing home loan is working well for you.

It’s surprising many people don’t even know the ‘basics’ of what is undoubtedly the largest financial transaction of their life. Small changes to interest rates and fees can make a huge difference.

Refinancing your more expensive home loan is often a very simple process and the thousands of dollars of potential savings are well worth the effort.

  • Am I paying an unreasonably high interest rate?
  • Am I frustrated by inadequate service?
  • Does my loan give me the features I need?
  • Am I paying for features I don’t use?
  • Have my financial circumstances changed?

To make your life easier, we can assist by advising you on your borrowing capacity as well as your repayments. In addition to that, we can advise on other important cost involved such as Stamp duty, LMI, as well as any fees and charges applicable to various lenders.

Although basic calculators exist on various websites, we strongly advise that you contact us to assist you on this process. As we are the experts in this area, we’ll be able to advise your current situation from a credit assessor’s perspective. Using our specialised software, we’ll be able to determine not just the best rate, but other features which are most appropriate for your financial objective.

With interest rates at their lowest for more than 50 years, there are some great rates available. The best thing to do is to compare rates from all the lenders. We’ll be able to take the stress and legwork out of this process and get it done in the shortest amount of time possible. We’ll keep you updated throughout the entire process so that you can get on with your life, knowing that someone is looking after your best interest.


As a valued customer, we will provide you with a detailed, comprehensive guide which is absolutely free. The reports are generated by CoreLogic RP Data, the leading property data solution used by property professionals as well as the major lending institutions in Australia. With coverage of 98% of the Australian property market, this powerful property database will be invaluable whether you’re thinking of buying or selling your property, refinancing, or simply researching into a specific local area or address.

This comprehensive report will provide details of the following:

  • Valuation estimate and range
  • The property sale and rental history
  • Similar recently sold properties as well as current sales
  • Similar properties for available for rental
  • Insights into the local area.

With this powerful tool in hand, you’ll never want to make another decision on your property without consulting it.


We panel consists of more than 25 residential and commercial lenders including major banks, regional banks, building societies and sub-prime lenders. This ensures that our customer will be getting most competitive loan package with a lender which best meet their needs.


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