Commercial Loans

Commercial real estate such as offices, industrial and retail is usually leased to 3rd parties, with leases varying in duration from a few months to say 20 years. The leases are typically subject to a range of terms and conditions that govern usage, frequency and the basis of rent reviews etc. The net rental yield from commercial properties are typically much higher. It might range from 5% to 12% and sometimes higher, depending on the property, its location, the credit quality of tenants and the terms and duration of leases. When lending on commercial property the lender pays close attention to the tenants and lease terms and competition to the asset. It’s also the case that commercial property borrowings are often further supported by way of guarantees from the borrower, both corporate and individual, which add an additional layer of security.

It is also important to understand that the loan terms and conditions for commercial real estate lending are designed to cover risks and provide boundaries within which the borrower must perform.

Commercial property purpose includes:

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Construction
  • Commercial and residential combination loan

There is no commercial loan that fits every application. There are a lot of options available to anyone looking to purchase a commercial property. Call us for an appointment so that we can have a discussion to investigate not only your loan options, but also your loan structure, to determine the most suitable lender and product for you.


We panel consists of more than 25 residential and commercial lenders including major banks, regional banks, building societies and sub-prime lenders. This ensures that our customer will be getting most competitive loan package with a lender which best meet their needs.


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