Secured Loans

A secured loan is where the asset you are purchasing is taken by the lender as security for the loan, often allowing you to receive lower interest rates in return. Secured loans are designed for people buying for private use. We can provide affordable finance solutions for cars, boats, motorbikes, jet skis and other registrable items.

Secured loans require you to surrender something of value to the lending institution which will become the collateral until the loan has been repaid. Such collateral could be property deeds, a car or boat, items of jewellery or art pieces.

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If you have a used vehicle (or any registrable asset), we will be able to use that as security in order obtain a much better rate compared to an unsecured loan.

Our accreditation allows us to tap into over 15 credit providers for secured loans. We are certain we’ll be able to find a competitive product on your behalf.

Unsecured Loans

With an unsecured loan you are not required to surrender anything for the purpose of collateral. While this means that you will not lose anything other than your credit rating if you fail to pay, it should be noted that the interest rates on unsecured loans are usually much higher than those generated by a secured loan. As a result, unsecured personal loans are much harder to get as the lending institution will not have anything of value to hold as security against the loan.

We are accredited with various finance companies whom utilises efficient online systems, whereby the process is simple and fast. The credit decision can be obtained in a couple of minute, application settled within 2 hours of receiving the required documentation. The money will be available in as little as 24 hours.


We panel consists of more than 25 residential and commercial lenders including major banks, regional banks, building societies and sub-prime lenders. This ensures that our customer will be getting most competitive loan package with a lender which best meet their needs.


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